Heart-Shaped Box

Heart-Shaped Box

Name - Heart-Shaped Box

Reviews - 4.1/5

Pages - 384

By - Joe Hill


About Book Heart-Shaped Box

“Wild, mesmerizing, perversely witty….A Valentine from hell.”
 —Janet Maslin, New York Times

The publication of Joe Hill's beautifully textured, deliciously scary debut novel Heart-Shaped Box was greeted with {the sort|the type|the kind} of overwhelming critical acclaim {that is|that's} rare for a work of skin-crawling supernatural terror. {It was|It had been|It absolutely was} cited as a Best Book of the Year by Atlanta magazine, the Tampa Tribune, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and the Village Voice, {to name|to mention|to call} but a few. Award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling Neil Gaiman of The SandmanThe Graveyard Book, and Anansi Boys fame calls Joe Hill's story of a jaded rock star haunted {by a|with a|by way of a} ghost he purchased {on the internet|on the web|on the net}, “relentless, gripping, powerful.” Open this Heart-Shaped Box from two-time Bram Stoker Award-winner Hill {if you|in the event that you} dare and see what {all the|all of the|most of the} well-deserved hoopla is about.

Aging death-metal rock legend Judas Coyne is {a collector|an enthusiast} of the macabre: a cookbook for cannibals...a used hangman's noose...a snuff film. But nothing he possesses {is as|is really as|can be as} unique or as dreadful as his latest purchase off the Internet: a one-of-a-kind curiosity that arrives at his door in {a black|a dark} heart-shaped box...a musty dead man's suit still inhabited by the spirit of its late owner. And now everywhere Judas Coyne goes, the old man is there—watching, waiting, dangling {a razor|a blade} blade on {a chain|a string|a sequence} from his bony hand.

About the Author

Joe Hill is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the novels The Fireman, NOS4A2, Horns, and Heart-Shaped Box; Strange Weather, a collection of novellas; and the acclaimed story collections Full Throttle and 20th Century Ghosts. He is also the Eisner Award–winning writer of a seven-volume comic book series, Locke & Key. Much of his work has been adapted for film and TV, including NOS4A2 (AMC), Locke & Key (Netflix), and In the Tall Grass (Netflix).

Mexican Gothic

Mexican Gothic

Name - Mexican Gothic

Reviews - 4.5/5

Pages - 352

By - Silvia Moreno-Garcia


About Book Mexican Gothic

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “It's Lovecraft meets the Brontës in Latin America, and {after a|following a|after having a} slow-burn start Mexican Gothic gets seriously weird.”—The Guardian
An isolated mansion. A chillingly charismatic aristocrat. And a brave socialite {drawn to|attracted to|interested in} expose their treacherous secrets....From {the author|the writer|mcdougal} of Gods of Jade and Shadow comes “a terrifying twist on classic gothic horror” (Kirkus Reviews) {set in|occur|emerge} glamorous 1950s Mexico.

After {receiving a|getting a|finding a} frantic letter from her newly-wed cousin begging for {someone to|anyone to|you to definitely} save her from {a mysterious|a mystical|a strange} doom, Noemí Taboada heads to High Place, {a distant|a remote} house in the Mexican countryside. She's {not sure|unsure|uncertain} what {she will|she'll} find—her cousin's husband, a handsome Englishman, {is a|is just a|is really a} stranger, and Noemí knows little {about the|concerning the|in regards to the} region.   
Noemí {is also|can also be|can be} an unlikely rescuer: She's a glamorous debutante, and her chic gowns and perfect red lipstick {are more|are far more|tend to be more} {suited for|suited to|fitted to} cocktail parties than amateur sleuthing. But she's also tough and smart, {with an|by having an|having an} indomitable will, and she {is not|isn't} afraid: Not of her cousin's new husband, {who is|who's} both menacing and alluring; not of his father, the ancient patriarch who {seems to be|appears to be|is apparently} {fascinated by|fascinated with|interested in} Noemí; and {not even|not really|not} {of the house|of the home|of your home} itself, which begins to invade Noemi's dreams with visions of blood and doom.
Her only ally in this inhospitable abode {is the|may be the|could be the} family's youngest son. Shy and gentle, he {seems to|appears to|generally seems to} want {to help|to simply help|to greatly help} Noemí, but {might also|may also} be hiding dark {knowledge of|understanding of|familiarity with} his family's past. For {there are many|there are lots of|there are numerous} secrets behind the walls of High Place. The family's once colossal wealth and faded mining empire kept them from prying eyes, but as Noemí digs deeper she unearths stories of violence and madness. 
And Noemí, mesmerized by the terrifying yet seductive world of High Place, may soon {find it|think it is|believe it is} impossible to ever leave this enigmatic house behind.

“It's {as if|as though|like} a supernatural power compels us {to turn|to show} the pages of the gripping Mexican Gothic.”—The Washington Post

“Mexican Gothic is {the perfect|an ideal|the right} summer horror read, and marks Moreno-Garcia with her hypnotic and engaging prose as {one of the|among the|one of many} genre's most exciting talents.”Nerdist

 Editorial Reviews 

An inspired mash-up of Jane Eyre, Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho, Dracula, Rebecca and that 1958 classic sci-fi movie, The Blob . . . Inventive and smart, [Mexican Gothic is] injecting the Gothic formula with some fresh blood.”—NPR’s Fresh Air

“Stylish and edgy. . . While the book draws inspiration from Gothic classics like Rebecca and Jane Eyre—there is a spunky female protagonist and an ancient house filled with disturbing secrets—its archly intelligent tone and insightful writing make Mexican Gothic an original escape to an eerie world.”—New York Times

“[An] irresistibly dark feminist reimagining of the Gothic fantasy novel . . . It’s all wonderfully creepy, blending chilling scenes of horror with classic Gothic tropes for a seductive and subversive tale. A book to devour in a few—very thrilling—sittings.”—Vanity Fair

“The author’s postcolonial spin on the gothic tradition evokes the usual suspects: Daphne du Maurier, Emily Brontë, Mary Shelley, even Anne Radcliffe. Like those authors, Moreno-Garcia works in a tradition in which chills and thrills tap into elemental cultural fears—runaway science, carnal passion. But to these she adds a more politically inflected horror, both ancient and timely.”—Los Angeles Times

“A new classic of the genre . . . alluring and foreboding, ambiguous and beautiful. And like its heroine Noemí, its ambitious, determined, and well worth getting to know.”—Chicago Review of Books

“This twisty horror fantasy is engrossing and wonderfully repulsive. . . . This is a must-read for fans of gothic writers like the Brontës, Daphne du Maurier, and Shirley Jackson, and also for those who enjoy the feminist, surreal fiction of Carmen Maria Machado.”—Buzzfeed

“Deliciously creepy . . . Read it with your lights on—and know that strange dreams might begin to haunt you, as they haunted Noemí.”—Vox

“Masterful . . . a gloriously moody adventure, spooky, smart, and wry. Chic, no-nonsense Noemí Taboada is one hell of a tour guide through this world of mystery, scandal and spirits.”—Victor LaValle, author of The Changeling

“Mexican Gothic terrified and fascinated me. Silvia Moreno-Garcia proves once again that she's a genre-jumping wizard, one of the most exciting and necessary authors writing today.”—Charlie Jane Anders, nationally bestselling author of The City in the Middle of the Night

“Darkly brilliant and captivating . . . Readers who love old houses and family secrets will devour this book (as I did!). The setting itself—High Place, with its reputation for swallowing the dreams of young women—is a character in this marvelously fantastical novel, stretching from glamorous 1950s Mexican high society to the crumbling pride of an abandoned silver mine. Silvia Moreno-Garcia enthralls with this twisty tale of love and betrayal.”—Yangsze Choo, New York Times bestselling author of The Night Tiger and The Ghost Bride

About the Author

Silvia Moreno-Garcia is the New York Times bestselling author of the critically acclaimed speculative novels Gods of Jade and Shadow, Signal to Noise, Certain Dark Things, and The Beautiful Ones; and the crime novel Untamed Shore. She has edited several anthologies, includ­ing the World Fantasy Award–winning She Walks in Shadows (aka Cthulhu’s Daughters). She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Whispering Dead

The Whispering Dead

Name - The Whispering Dead

Reviews - 3.8/5

Pages - 272

By - Darcy Coates


About Book The Whispering Dead

{How many|Just how many|Exactly how many} ways can Darcy Coates scare us? {You'll be|You will be|You will end up} happy {to know|to understand|to learn} she's {come up with|develop|produce} yet ANOTHER way. This latest title is {the first|the very first|the initial} in {a new|a brand new|a fresh} series {from a|from the} Barnes & Noble favorite. {It's been|This has been} {said that|stated that} Coates writes her novels at night. Our question {for you|for you personally}, intrepid reader — {are you|have you been|are you currently} prepared {to read|to see|to learn} {this one|that one|this 1} at that {very same|exact same|identical} time?

USA Today bestseller and rising queen of atmospheric horror Darcy Coates returns with a ghost story {that will|that'll|which will|that may} haunt you long after {the final|the ultimate|the last} page. She hears them whispering...

Homeless, hunted, and desperate {to escape|to flee} a bitter storm, Keira takes refuge {in an|within an|in a} abandoned groundskeeper's cottage. Her {new home|new house} is {tucked away|saved} at the edge of a cemetery, surrounded on all sides by gravestones: some recent, some {hundreds of years|centuries|more than 100 years} old, all {suffering from|struggling with|experiencing} neglect.

And in the darkness, she can hear the unquiet dead whispering.

The cemetery is alive with faint, spectral shapes, led by {a woman|a lady|a female} who died before her time...and Keira, {the only|the only real|the sole} person {who can|who are able to|who is able to|who will} see her, {has become|is becoming|is now} her new target. Determined {to help|to simply help|to greatly help} put the ghost to rest, Keira digs {into the|in to the|to the} spirit's past life with {the help of|the aid of|assistance from} unlikely new friends, and discovers a history of deception, ill-fated love, and murder.

But {the past|yesteryear|days gone by} is {not as|never as|much less} simple {as it|because it|since it} seems, and Keira's time is running out. Tangled in {a dangerous|a harmful} web, she {has to|needs to|must} {find a way|discover a way|find a method} to free the spirit...even if {it means|this means|it indicates} offering {her own|her very own} life in return.

Horror Novels Also By Darcy Coates:
The Haunting of Ashburn House
Carrow Haunt
Craven Manor
The House Next Door
Voices in the Snow

 Editorial Reviews 

"Darcy Coates will have you gripping the covers with the immediately entertaining The Whispering Dead." - BookPage

"Readers will enjoy this quick-paced atmospheric thriller." - Booklist

"Darcy Coates (The Haunting of Ashburn House; Craven Manor) adeptly sets up a quick-paced plot...There's nothing like a good ghost story to curl up with on a dark and stormy night" - Shelf Awareness

"Fans of eerie ghost stories will be hooked" - Publishers Weekly

About the Author

Darcy Coates is the USA Today bestselling author of Hunted, The Haunting of Ashburn House, Craven Manor, and more than a dozen horror and suspense titles. She lives on the Central Coast of Australia with her family, cats, and a garden full of herbs and vegetables. Darcy loves forests, especially old-growth forests where the trees dwarf anyone who steps between them. Wherever she lives, she tries to have a mountain range close by.

Home Before Dark

Home Before Dark

Name - Home Before Dark

Reviews - 4.6/5

Pages - 432

By - Riley Sager


About Book Home Before Dark

“A haunted house story—with a twist….[Sager] {does not|doesn't} hold back”(Rolling Stone) in this chilling thriller from {the author|the writer|mcdougal} of Final Girls and Survive the Night.
Every house {has a|includes a|features a} story {to tell|to inform|to share with} and {a secret|a key} to share.

Twenty-five {years ago|years back}, Maggie Holt and her parents moved into Baneberry Hall, a rambling Victorian estate in the Vermont woods. Three weeks later they fled in the dead of night, an ordeal her father recounted in a memoir called House of Horrors.His story of supernatural happenings and malevolent spirits became a worldwide phenomenon, rivaling The Amityville Horror in popularity—and skepticism.

Maggie was too young {to remember|to consider|to keep in mind} {any of the|the|some of the} horrific events that supposedly took place, and as {an adult|a grownup|a grown-up} she doesn't believe {a word|a phrase} of her father's claims. Ghosts, {after all|in the end|all things considered}, don't exist. When she inherits Baneberry Hall after his death and returns to renovate {the place|the area|the spot} and sell it, her homecoming is anything but warm. The locals aren't thrilled that their small town has been made infamous, and human characters with starring roles in House of Horrors are waiting in the shadows.
{Even more|Much more|A lot more} unnerving is Baneberry Hall itself—{a place|a location|a spot} where unsettling whispers of {the past|yesteryear|days gone by} lurk around every corner. And as Maggie starts {to experience|to see|to have} strange occurrences ripped from the pages of her father's book, {the truth|the reality|the facts} she uncovers {about the|concerning the|in regards to the} house's dark history will challenge everything she believes.

 Editorial Reviews 

Sager's novel is packed with the expected horror-trope-tinged suspense, literary jump-scares, and more than one twist, but its best moments are the quiet ones exploring the history of the house.”
USA Today

“Something fresh, shot through with shocks of real horror.”
—New York Times Book Review

“[A] propulsive thriller . . . There are truly horrifying scenes. . . . Maggie soon learns what we already know: Real life is scarier than ghost stories.”
Washington Post

“Riley Sager reimagines the classic haunted house tale in Home Before Dark, a stunning tale that blends genres with the ease of a master painter mixing colors. . . . This is scintillating suspense writing, Sager leaving no stone unturned in crafting a page-turner of rare depth and complexity.”
The Providence Journal

“This spooky, surreal haunted-house story goes through plenty of twists at the end. . . . Sager has become one of my favorites for gothic stories that scare and make you think.”
The Parkersburg News & Sentinel

“You might believe in ghosts; you might not. But a story with a ghost inhabiting a creaky old house and haunting its new residents is simply irresistible. At least in the right hands, and Riley Sager’s definitely are the right hands. From the shadowy figures in the woods to the sounds that go bump in the night, Home Before Dark is certain to creep you out."

"Clever, twisty, and altogether spine-chilling . . . [A] deliciously terrifying story . . .You'll want to read this one after dark, ideally with the wind whistling in the eaves and a window banging somewhere just out of reach. But keep the light switch handy. You just might need it."
—Ruth Ware, Book of the Month

“Sager has laid out an exciting story that is hard to put down.”
New York Journal of Books

About the Author

Riley Sager is the pseudonymous author of five thrillers. Riley's first novel, Final Girls, was a national and international bestseller that has been published in more than two dozen countries and won the ITW Thriller Award for Best Hardcover Novel. Sager’s subsequent novels The Last Time I Lied, Lock Every Door, and Home Before Dark, which received the Crimson Scribe Award by Suspense Magazine, were New York Times bestsellers. His next novel, Survive the Night, is forthcoming in Summer 2021.