The Whispering Dead

The Whispering Dead

Name - The Whispering Dead

Reviews - 3.8/5

Pages - 272

By - Darcy Coates


About Book The Whispering Dead

{How many|Just how many|Exactly how many} ways can Darcy Coates scare us? {You'll be|You will be|You will end up} happy {to know|to understand|to learn} she's {come up with|develop|produce} yet ANOTHER way. This latest title is {the first|the very first|the initial} in {a new|a brand new|a fresh} series {from a|from the} Barnes & Noble favorite. {It's been|This has been} {said that|stated that} Coates writes her novels at night. Our question {for you|for you personally}, intrepid reader — {are you|have you been|are you currently} prepared {to read|to see|to learn} {this one|that one|this 1} at that {very same|exact same|identical} time?

USA Today bestseller and rising queen of atmospheric horror Darcy Coates returns with a ghost story {that will|that'll|which will|that may} haunt you long after {the final|the ultimate|the last} page. She hears them whispering...

Homeless, hunted, and desperate {to escape|to flee} a bitter storm, Keira takes refuge {in an|within an|in a} abandoned groundskeeper's cottage. Her {new home|new house} is {tucked away|saved} at the edge of a cemetery, surrounded on all sides by gravestones: some recent, some {hundreds of years|centuries|more than 100 years} old, all {suffering from|struggling with|experiencing} neglect.

And in the darkness, she can hear the unquiet dead whispering.

The cemetery is alive with faint, spectral shapes, led by {a woman|a lady|a female} who died before her time...and Keira, {the only|the only real|the sole} person {who can|who are able to|who is able to|who will} see her, {has become|is becoming|is now} her new target. Determined {to help|to simply help|to greatly help} put the ghost to rest, Keira digs {into the|in to the|to the} spirit's past life with {the help of|the aid of|assistance from} unlikely new friends, and discovers a history of deception, ill-fated love, and murder.

But {the past|yesteryear|days gone by} is {not as|never as|much less} simple {as it|because it|since it} seems, and Keira's time is running out. Tangled in {a dangerous|a harmful} web, she {has to|needs to|must} {find a way|discover a way|find a method} to free the spirit...even if {it means|this means|it indicates} offering {her own|her very own} life in return.

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 Editorial Reviews 

"Darcy Coates will have you gripping the covers with the immediately entertaining The Whispering Dead." - BookPage

"Readers will enjoy this quick-paced atmospheric thriller." - Booklist

"Darcy Coates (The Haunting of Ashburn House; Craven Manor) adeptly sets up a quick-paced plot...There's nothing like a good ghost story to curl up with on a dark and stormy night" - Shelf Awareness

"Fans of eerie ghost stories will be hooked" - Publishers Weekly

About the Author

Darcy Coates is the USA Today bestselling author of Hunted, The Haunting of Ashburn House, Craven Manor, and more than a dozen horror and suspense titles. She lives on the Central Coast of Australia with her family, cats, and a garden full of herbs and vegetables. Darcy loves forests, especially old-growth forests where the trees dwarf anyone who steps between them. Wherever she lives, she tries to have a mountain range close by.