Blind Tiger

Blind Tiger

Blind Tiger

Name - Blind Tiger

Reviews - 4.2/5

Pages - 71

By - Sandra Brown


About Book Blind Tiger

With a “knack for romantic tension and page-turning suspense, {this one|that one|this 1} {is a|is just a|is really a} winner.” {The year|The entire year|The season} 1920 {comes in|is available in|will come in} with a roar in this rousing and suspenseful New York Times bestselling novel by Sandra Brown. Prohibition is {the new|the brand new|the newest} law of the land, but murder, mayhem, lust, and greed {are already|happen to be|already are|are actually} institutions in the Moonshine Capitol of Texas (Booklist, starred review).

Thatcher Hutton, a war-weary soldier {on the way|on the road|in route|along the way|on your way} {back to|back once again to|back again to} his cowboy life, jumps {from a|from the} moving freight train {to avoid|to prevent|in order to avoid} trouble...and lands in {more than|significantly more than|a lot more than} he bargained for. On {the day|your day|the afternoon} he arrives in Foley, Texas, {a local|an area|a nearby} woman goes missing. Thatcher, {the only|the only real|the sole} stranger {in town|around}, is suspected of her abduction, and worse. Standing between him and exoneration are {a corrupt|a damaged|an infected} mayor, a crooked sheriff, a notorious cathouse madam, a sly bootlegger, feuding moonshiners...and {a young|a|a new} widow whose soft features conceal {an iron|a metal} will.
{What was|That which was|The thing that was} {supposed to be|said to be|allowed to be} {a fresh|a brand new|a new} start for Laurel Plummer turns to tragedy. Left destitute but determined to dictate {her own|her very own} future, Laurel plunges {into the|in to the|to the} lucrative regional industry, much to the dislike of {the good|the great|the nice} ol'boys, {who have|who've} ruled supreme. Her success quickly makes her a target for cutthroat competitors, whose only code of law is reprisal. As violence erupts, Laurel and—now deputy—Thatcher {find themselves|end up} on opposite sides of a moonshine war, where blood flows as freely as whiskey.

 Editorial Reviews 

Set in 1920, this superior thriller from bestseller Brown (Thick as Thieves) firmly anchors all the action in the plot. Laurel Plummer, the mother of an infant, is stuck in a remote shack with her father-in-law near the little town of Foley, Tex., after the sudden death of her WWI vet husband. Thatcher Hutton, a discharged soldier who’s just leapt off a boxcar, turns up at the Plummer place, asking for water and directions to the nearest town. His first night in a Foley boarding house, Thatcher is awakened “by a gun barrel jammed against his cheekbone” and an accusation that he kidnapped and possibly murdered Mila Driscoll, the local doctor’s missing wife. After Thatcher is released from jail for lack of evidence, the sheriff makes him a part-time deputy and he sets out to find the truth behind Mila’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Laurel, who’s in dire financial straits, helps her father-in-law expand his moonshining business. Conflict ensues as the two wind up on opposite sides of the law. Laurel and Thatcher are strong and inventive characters, and their surprising decisions and evolving relationship will keep readers engaged. Brown shows why she remains in the top rank of her field. Agent: Maria Carvainis, Maria Carvainis Agency. (Aug.)

Publishers Weekly

Set in 1920, this superior thriller from bestseller Brown firmly anchors all the action in the plot . . . Laurel and Thatcher are strong and inventive characters, and their surprising decisions and evolving relationship will keep readers engaged. Brown shows why she remains in the top rank of her field.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Brown doesn’t often delve into historical fiction territory, but she does here with gusto, and readers will practically taste the dusty streets of Foley and feel every rickety bump of the moonshiners’ trucks. There are shoot-outs and reformed prostitutes and a no-good hillbilly family, but none of it feels like an empty stereotype—it’s just all a lot of fun. Combined with Brown’s knack for romantic tension and page-turning suspense, this one is a winner.”—Booklist, Starred Review

"[Brown's] career masterwork and a genuine masterpiece that’s rich in detail woven into a sprawling tapestry."—Providence Journal

"A thrill ride . . . The historical nature of the story regarding the west Texas setting, the Texas Rangers, and how Prohibition made criminals out of those just wanting a beer is intriguing."—

"Creative, wild, and genius . . . Through the talent of this author we enter a world that is ripe with corruption, greed, envy, avarice, violence. And yet Sandra Brown reminds us that . . . there are still those that rise up, believe in love, and have faith."—Fresh Fiction

"A winner."—AARP

"A masterful storyteller."—USA Today

"Brown deserves her own genre."—Dallas Morning News

"A novelist who can't write them fast enough."—San Antonio Express-News

"One of the best thriller writers around, period."—Providence Journal

About the Author

Sandra Brown is the author of seventy-two New York Times bestsellers. There are over eighty million copies of her books in print worldwide, and her work has been translated into thirty-four languages. She lives in Texas. For more information you can visit

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